Installation Frame for 1 Bard and Brazier Floating Rail

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Installation Frame for 1 Bard and Brazier Floating Heated Towel Rail 

Eith a D-Rail, La Fayette or a Zingo Sultan

This frame is for a Single rail only

This frame has to be fixed to a concealing wall panel of some sort.

You then connect the the central heating to this for the water supply.

The D-Rail frame does not need any concealed valves (as per the picture),

because each D-Rail has an intergrated valve and can also be turned on and off on the rail itself

If used for a La Fayette or Zingo Sultan Rail then you need to use 2 of either a Panama or a Pullman concealed valve

This is what the Bard and Brazier head engineer said about the depth this need to be fitted at:

"The copper pipe connections must protrude 27mm – 28mm from the finished wall surface.

Therefore the maximum wall cavity depth is 151mm. If they have a shallower wall cavity,

they need to trim the copper pipes after they have applied the finished wall surface to said 27 – 28mm dimension (installation instruction)"

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