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Hello, as we have been in the bathroom industry for over 100 years between us,

we use this area to pass on advice on problems and new products which might help those problems.

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Remove black mould from your bathroom

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Black mould is a bugger to get rid of once you have it.

It is normally caused in bathrooms that are not ventilated enough at the time of use.

But you can`t have the window open when it`s snowing outside can you!!

The long term fix is to get a bathroom extractor or upgrade the one you have.

The short term fix that worked for me was Cilit Bangs black mould remover.

Which you can get from Amazon, ebay and most ironmongers (thats Robert Dyers type shops to you younsters)

It did the trick but i had to leave it on there a while.

I did try some of the more bio degradable options but they just did not work i`m afraid.

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Modern Designer Looking Mens Bathroom Urinal Minimalist

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I must of been in the bathroom industry too long, or this lockdown has scrambled my brain?

But i find that this 39 urinal by GSI to be so unbelievably stylish.

In my ideal house of the future i have always wanted a urinal and have it set at such a height, so that

i can stumble into it in the middle of the night (as you do when you get older) and not have to think about anything.

Meaning that i can stumble back to bed and get back to sleep easily.

The problem has always been that urinals are normally so damn ugly.

This is the first one that would not look amiss in a really swanky ensuite particularly as it has a soft close cover.

It has a minimalist modern style and you know it will be well made by GSI in Italy.


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Metal basins that sit on a counter top in your bathroom

Read entire post: Metal basins that sit on a counter top in your bathroom

In the old days i would never of recommended a metal basin for your bathroom.

This is because if you had very good pressure and the water was coming from quite height,

with the basin placed on tiles then the sound would of been like a steel drum.

These days however there are several reasons why that would not happen.

One is that not all countertops are tiled and if they are then the tiles tend to be a larger size.

Hopefully you would give this some thought in the planning stage of your bathroom.

The most important reason though is the flow of water through your taps.

This can often be regulated these days before it gets to your tap.

If it is still quite powerful when it gets to your tap then nearly all good taps have flow restrictors.

These help limit the amount of water you use but have the added advantage of difusing the water 

and thus making a much softer stream of water hitting your basin, negating the steel drum noise.

You can see these steel metal bathroom basins below on the JTP link below or in our VOS range from JTP

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Modern Looking Square Brushed Brass Bathroom Taps

Read entire post: Modern Looking Square Brushed Brass Bathroom Taps

HIX by JTP is one of the only ranges of UK bathroom taps that

has a modern and square style but also has a coordinated range 

of shower valves and accessories. Not only that but we trust

Just Taps Plus to have these taps properly plated and manufactured

to a high standard backed up with a guarantee that they will honour.

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GSI Bathrooms in the UK where to buy from?

Read entire post: GSI Bathrooms in the UK where to buy from?

GSI bathrooms basin furniture units and toilets are made in Italy

and sold in the UK by us Bathrooms at Source and you can see the ranges below

We have many ranges on display in our Wandsworth london showroom

including Design, Kube and Pura Basin units and toilets in various colours.

Now there are not many GSI dealers and even less who sell it online as it

is complicated and cannot be listed by spreadsheets. The quality id undeniable

but as with anything Italian made in the bathroom industy then not easy.

I would advise calling Marc, Charlie, Sarah, Rachael, Tammy or Terry

on 020 8870 0066 option 2 to speak to them before you order.

They really do know the GSI Ceramica Bathroom range and can help you

buy what you need either online or in our showroom at 128 Garratt Lane SW18 4DJ

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Recessed Bathroom Cabinets - are they any good?

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There are not a lot of recessed bathroom cabinets on sale in the UK

This is because they seem to be difficult to make well.

I really like them as they look like a mirror but with the storage space you need 

in a bathroom. Making it perfect for a minimalistic type of bathroom.

As having loads of items like toothpaste tubes lying around just distract the eye

from a beautiful bathroom.


They are also very useful for cloakrooms where space is at a premium.


They tend to be more expensive than a normal cabinet and also they will cost 

more money to fit as the space has to be made in the wall and this is not always easy.


The one shown in the picture is the Matt White Hyde one by Saneux


To me though this is the perfect finishing touch for any bathroom and one of these

recessed bathroom cabinets will give you pleasure to look at every time you go in your bathroom.

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All in one brushed brass colour shower package kit

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Well here you are an all in one showering kit in a brushed brass colour finish

2352819BBR JTP Vos Brushed Brass Exposed Bar Valve Shower Kit

Whats handy is that you can adjust the height that it sits at.

As far as i am concerned the top of the shower head should be at least a foot above the tallest person to use the shower.

Now i say this as a tall fella, but what is the point of having a shower head that is nearly touching your head.

To get this result you must buy the right valve to start off with and then the most important thing,

is to tell the fitters/ plumbers what height you need it to be!

Apart from being adustable this shower valve package comes from JTP who are an established UK bathroom brand.

They have had this VOS range out since 2019 and we have sold loads with no quality issues so far.

Which is not surprising as it is based on the Inox range which has been around for over a decade.

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Art Deco basin mixers without the rod handle at the back

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Mry brother was doing his bathroom recently and wanted int done in an Art Deco style.

The problem was that he did not like the handle that sticks up from the back of the tap ( like the picture ).

This handle and rod operate the pop up basin waste that comes with these types of taps.

Now i don`t like pop up wastes in general as they always need adjusting over the years and they are

just a not very efficient way of making the water leave the basin.

there is a way round this though and that is to buy a universal basin click clack waste and 

fit it to your waste hole. you then don`t need the rod that sticks out of the back of the Art Deco style basin mixer tap.

This does leave a small hole in the back of the mixer tap buut that is not a problem as you are very unlikley to get any water through it.

But to make sure you get no water throgh it i would put a bit of clear silicone in it, therefore sealing it from any water ingress.

This way you get the clean look you desire. This fix wourks on all bathoom basin mono mixer taps that have a pop up waste system.

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Heritage Bathrooms Product Reviews for Baths and Taps

Read entire post: Heritage Bathrooms Product Reviews for Baths and Taps

Below is my opinon on the various products that Heritage Bathrooms sell

We are Heitage dealers and a displaying showroom but independant so we can say what we think.

Cast Iron Baths = Industry leaders in these and they are excellent and they have been doing these baths for ages

Acrylic Baths = These baths are decent but quite costly for what they are, but we like the design of the Granley art deco bath

Toilets and Basins = Another heritage stable and are very good and durable

Toilet seats = We don`t like these and have always been Heritages achilies heel as far as we are concerned.

But you can buy other toilet seats that will fit a Heritage toilet as they are very generic shapes.

Furniture = Seems a bit expensive and we prefer the Roper Rhodes Hampton range of bathroom furniture

Taps = We like the ranges of traditional taps and we have not had any grief from them.

Accessories, Mirrors and Heated Towel Rails = All are ok but you can get better quality for the price elsewhere.

You can do the big parts of your traditional bathroom well with Heritages Bathrooms Cast iron baths and the chinaware and taps.

But there is no need to stick to that brand for all the bits that go round the side like traditional bathroom accessories.


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Bathroom Origins accessories product review

Read entire post: Bathroom Origins accessories product review

Bathroom Origins are a UK compnay that ditributes Sonia, Gedy, Ramon Soler and Urban Steel in the UK

They also have there own ranges of cabinets and bathroom accessories. 

Below we will put our opinions on the variuos products and brands sold by them.

We have been a dealer for over 10 years with them, but as an independant we can say what we think!

Gedy = Excellently made and long lasting Italian made accessories and mirrors ( apart from the Polaris range whic we don`t really like the quality of )

As you would expect the more you expensive the range the higher quality of the products.

Sonia = Superbly designed and high quality Spanish made accessories ( my mum has a Lux grab bar and she loves it, and it still looks good )

Ramon Soler = Decent tap range but a bit outdated now. Bathroom Origins are the place to go for spares for this brand

Urban Steel = Very industrial looking range of bathroom accessories and i don`t think we have ever had a problem with one of these ever.

Bathroom Origins own range = Innovative high quality designs often with the latest colours and trends in bathroom design incorporated into them.

We have been dealers for over 10 years with Sofia and the team at Bathroom Origins and have sold thousands of bathroom accessories from them.

But you can never judge a product or a company straight away, you have to see what they are like when something goes wrong or if a product lasts a long time.

Thats why we are fully confident in dealing with them as they team they have over in Essex are high quality and very knoweledgable.

So they get a big thumbs up from all the team here both online and in the showroom.



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